I was talking to Charles just a little while ago on the phone and he asked me a good question, and I get this question asked all the time, so I thought I would answer it for everyone to hear.

The question is, “how do I get customers?” Great question!

It’s easy for me because I’ve been doing it for so long. I’m going to turn you on to the largest marketplace in the world and that’s where you can go to obtain new customers.

It’s You can also use and to start with and then you can expand out from there to and other websites.

You can start with LocalBitCoins with one category, let’s say cash deposits, and you can post the ad that I’ll give you that you can copy and paste to generate business. I give you this ad in The Intro To Bitcoin Trading Course, and give you more advanced strategies and tips for scalability in the Pro Trading Course.

If you post the ad correctly you’re going to start getting orders. If I were to put $20,000 on there right now, I would sell it all probably within 2 or 3 hours. So, you’ll get a lot of customers right there on LocalBitcions. The key is how you treat those customers and how you take care of them. You need to be responsive, offer great customer service, and then they’ll come back to you over and over again.

Let me tell you a little about the marketplace, most of the market is run by amateurs. When I say amateurs, I mean that they are people that have bought some bitcoin, they know something about bitcoin, and they decided they found an opportunity where they can make money, so they’ve been buying bitcoin from whatever sources they can and they are selling bitcoin to people that want to buy it and making a nice premium.

I call them amateurs because they haven’t been around long enough to know how to stop scammers, to keep their banking relationships open, and navigate regulatory issues and all other kinds of things. What happens is they build up a customer base and then they get hit by some scammers and get wiped out? They get $3,000 or $5,000 stolen from them and they say ‘forget this I’m not going to do this anymore’ and they’re gone. Or, they get their bank account shut down for whatever reasons and they’re also done. The customers that were buying bitcoin from them are still around and they still have the demand to buy bitcoin, so what do they do? They go to somebody else to try and buy bitcoin. So, in the Pro Bitcoin Trading Course, it is my objective to create professional bitcoin traders who can withstand or understand the obstacles of the marketplace to do the business properly, therefore as other bitcoin traders who are losing their customers, those customers end up coming over to you.
You simply post ads on LocalBitcoins or Paxful or Wall of Coins and people place orders from you. The markets are already there. They place orders and you start texting these people and communicate with them. They do a few transactions with you to be able to trust you, to be able to like you and come back to do business with you over and over again and don’t bother going anywhere else.

As long as you’re able to sustain this business you’re going to do very well, so I hope that answers the question for everybody who maybe is wondering where to get customers in this business.

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Brian Sewell

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